VERTICAL GARDEN – A beautiful way to Tackle Air Pollution !

By utilizing the unused wall if you can purify the air in a large amount, that’s really COOL ! We @ OXY3 help you choose the best plants by selecting them for their INDOOR and OUTDOOR specialities which will keep beautifying your wall for a long time.

And, also our timely checkup through Gardener Subscription make the Job easy. We visit regularly to check them out if something is wrong and let the plants stand tall healthy and smiling.

Let’s Smile Together ! Let’s Plant Vertically !

Rs. 250 - Rs. 500 per sq. ft

GREEN SCREEN – The Natural Wall !

Green screen also known as the natural wall is the Best way to cover up your space with Green at a lower price compared to other wall Gardening solutions.

In a short period of time, the creepers cover up the frame made up of wire. There are different types of creepers to give you a Live wall full of Greenery in your Wall, Pillars and roof top.


Rs. 50 - Rs. 150 / Sq.ft