PLANT BANK – A new Concept !

Yes, we are introducing a new Concept Called PLANT BANK !

While you enjoy your Holidays, Let the Plants at your home too enjoy some Good Food and Drinks with OXY3 Family. If it is a problem for you to keep the plant’s healthy when you are on Leave and cannot find someone to take after them in your absence. Then OXY3 would be happy to take the responsibility. 

The handling & transportation is our part. 

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Xerox / Picture of your Ticket is compulsory to avail the Service.
  2. OXY3 is not responsible for any brokage of Pots & Plants Survival if not insured.
  3. The maximum size of Pot applicable for the Service is “12 inch” and the maximum number of pot is “15 nos.”
  4. Rs. 200/- extra is the Insurance fee for replacement of pots if any Brokage found on delivery.
  5.  OXY3 cannot be responsible for the survival of the Plants because of its mortal nature. But OXY3 team try their best to avoid such unwanted service.
  6. The Plants will be picked up and delivered within 24hours of Order.
  7.  We assure that your Personal data will not be shared, leased or sold to any Third party.

Let’s Enjoy Holidays !