Vertical garden – Is it sustainable in Jaipur?

The credit of concept and invention of Vertical garden goes to Mr. Patrick Blanc who is a French Botanist and designer with a dream to create a vertical jungle on the walls of the cities. Picture of Mr. Patrick Blanc – With his great vision he have been planting vertical garden from the past 25 […]

Best House PLANTS that will love you back! – Especially to the people who live in Flats or Apartments.

After a hectic day at work we would surely like to have some good time at home. It is not always a party, meet-up or phone call that can change your mood. There are also pets and plant that can turn your mood on. Who will not like the flowers welcoming you back home with […]

Difference and Connections between Landscaping Architects and OXY3

So, you need to design a GARDEN with lawn, natural grass, seasonal plants etc. etc.  And end up typing “LANDSCAPING ARCHITECT NEAR ME” in Google search, looking for a reputed and experienced Landscaping Architect or trying to remember some contacts that can provide a solution. But, is it the solution ? No, the problem actually […]

SUMMER PLANTS that are Drought Tolerant !

– So which plants do WELL in Summer ? Firstly, we thank all the nature lovers and our well-wishers for their Love & Support towards OXY3 and team. We have been doing our best with the help of yours and we are grateful that you provided us with the opportunity to serve and plant more […]

Tough Indoor Plants

  Yes ! Life is changing at a fast pace. These days we need air purifying plants at home to keep ourselves safe. DON’T BELIEVE US ? There are two options to know what plant does and why it is almost compulsory to have some plants at your home. 1st –  Check NASA’s report here […]

Pollution Vs. Planting Oxygen – Oxy 3

    Ever wondered, WHO is responsible for the different types of Pollutions we point out in Debates, Social talks, Political talks, Exams? The answer may not Shock you as our inner humanity says… “I too have contributed some”. We have been contributing without even knowing and then point out our neighbours generally. They do the same. […]