Vertical garden – Is it sustainable in Jaipur?

The credit of concept and invention of Vertical garden goes to Mr. Patrick Blanc who is a French Botanist and designer with a dream to create a vertical jungle on the walls of the cities.

Picture of Mr. Patrick Blanc –

Mr. Patrick Blanc

With his great vision he have been planting vertical garden from the past 25 years experimenting with different types of plants.

He has been planting in different parts of the globe like France, China, Germany, Miami, Bangkok, Sydney and recent project from Saudi Arabia.

His recent work in

He has been studying plants from last three decades that can thrive in less water and soil having copyright like work of art.

His work in France

In his study he has put some questions for the designer to work on before any execution to plant a vertical garden.

  • Are the plants from its locality where it has been planted ?
  • Can the plants grow in less soil with minimum water requirements ?
  • Are you ready for the maintenance that consists of removing dead leaves or replacing plants that don’t thrive ?
  • For indoor space, can the plants thrive in less sunlight ?
  • Are you ready to pay back nature ?

If You have answers to his questions, You surely have the answer of the sustainability of your vertical Garden.

What is the difference between Mr. Patrick’s and your vertical garden in Jaipur ?

  • You have not chosen the right plants.
  • No homework before execution.
  • No proper planning.
  • No proper Soil mix and watering system.

Well, finding the problem is your part !

OXY3 has been doing their part from the past few years with their homework to plant vertical garden with the right soil mix and right choice of plants.

Because, vertical garden is not only about beautification but also, about bringing the greenery back to the concrete jungle.

No matter how costly it is to bring the life back, one should have the responsibility to pay back our nature.

Many international government and private organisations are working with Mr. Patrick to help the flowers bloom in the concrete walls. Are we ready to walk with them ?

OXY3 is ready to tackle the problem of weather, climate and plants in Jaipur with their experienced team and love towards plants.

Services we provide other than Vertical garden in Jaipur –

  •  Landscaping
  • Gardener on Subscription
  • Plant home delivery
  • Balcony/terrace gardening
  • Organic gardening and much more.

So, next time when you need the best service in town, You can surely visit our Website – or call/whatsapp us @ 9706291479 to plant some oxygen for a better tomorrow.

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Happy OXYGEN !

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