So, you are fading up with your gardener because of the way he works or not satisfied with his attendance.

No matter what the problem is, it’s getting harder to find a gardener in the urban area because of the change in Job tradition and youth from new generation are almost not interested in this field. But, as we say that our breath is more than Roti, kapda and Makan. It is the high time to realise that the greenery is more important part to jump in the next steps.

No breath – No Roti,Kapda and Makan.

But due to the busy schedules and job timings we get only a day or two in a week known as family time, holiday time or some time to rest. Some are still engaged in various other matters.

So, it is natural that one might have no time for plants. And one might end up searching in google – “gardener near me“ or call up some close friends to solve the problem of a gardener.

That does not work actually !

No gardener can manage to maintain the plants by just giving attendance once or twice a month.

We already have our subscribers in Shyam Nagar, Jagatpura, Bani Park, Rajapark, Vaishali Nagar in your City because we are solving the same problem from long time.

Now, how do OXY3 solve the Problem ?

  •  We provide gardener according to your need and the subscription plans is also customizable.
  • The attendance of the gardener is our responsibility.
  • Backed by support team to understand your need and plant according to the environment and location.
  • One FREE check-up of plants by Expert for subscribers.
  • Recommendation of plants and designing timely.

This is how we solve your gardening problem and save your time. OXY3 Team has been trying their best to provide experienced and trained gardener in Jaipur city to help you plant more Oxygen for the future.

So, next time if you are busy with your schedule just leave your gardening problem to OXY3. We are there with you at every step. No matter it’s about Landscaping, Gardener on Subscription, Balcony/terrace gardening, vertical gardening or anything related to gardening.

You can check our subscription plans by clicking here :


And check our website for more details : www.oxy3plants.com

We are there to help you through call/Whatsapp too @ 9706291479

Hope you will help us to plant more Oxygen for the future and the next generation is secured. Let’s plant Oxygen Together !

Do share our blog if you think that it can help someone because if someone is planting today, the oxygen is shared by you too. Let’s give something back to them and Nature.

Also thank all our Subscribers and Well-wishers for their love and support towards OXY3.


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