Best House PLANTS that will love you back! – Especially to the people who live in Flats or Apartments.

After a hectic day at work we would surely like to have some good time at home. It is not always a party, meet-up or phone call that can change your mood. There are also pets and plant that can turn your mood on.

Who will not like the flowers welcoming you back home with a smile. Studies have also confirmed that plants and gardening has a direct impact in life curing you from many physical and mental sicknesses.

But, do we know which plants do best in pots or in the climate of Jaipur including the water requirements and extra care they seek.

OXY3 would like recommend some plants especially to the people who live in Flats or Apartments as they face various issues like water quality, time and maintenance.


Many Local nurseries and Plant expert will recommend you the plants from cool area/weather which they think will survive indoor because of the difference in indoor and outdoor temperature.

But that is not the solution, we need some hardy plants that can actually beat the heat of Jaipur and finds easy to survive in less sunlight.

Here are some indoor plants for Jaipur:

  1. Areca Palm
  2. Rapis Palm
  3. Bamboo Palm
  4. Money Plant
  5. Arrow Head / Syngonium
  6. Zamia Plant
  7. Fern
  8. Snake Plant / Sinseveria
  9. Xanadu Philodendron
  10. Aloe Vera


As there were no Buildings and Apartments in earlier times, all plants survived out-door under the fresh air and sunlight according to the weather and climate.

So, almost every plant can be planted outdoor if the weather suits the plants. As Jaipur is one among the hottest place in summer, it should be some hardy plants that will beautify your space.

Here are some hardy plants for Outdoor plantation in Jaipur:

  1. Yellow bamboo & Buddha Bamboo
  2. Black Ficus
  3. Ashoka
  4. Bouganvillea
  5. Champa
  6. Panda Plant
  7. Bottle Palm
  8. Ficus panda
  9. Lolina Palm
  10. Exora


There is solution to every problem, so if you are thinking that indoor climbers are impossible to plant in Jaipur environment. We ask you not to be upset.

Though there are few but we recommend you some climbers that will do well in Jaipur that too indoor.

  1. Mandevillea
  2. English Ivy
  3. Money Plant
  4. Heartleaf Philodendron
  5. CAPPL Monstera plant


For flowers, Sunlight is must!

Although there are vast species of flowering plants, maximum need sunlight. So, it is very hard to suggest indoor flowering plants for Jaipur.

We are recommending to keep the plants outdoor until it start flowering, once you see the blooms you can keep the plants indoor.

  1. Adenium
  2. Christmas Cactus
  3. Euphorvia
  4. Peace Lily
  5. Bromeliads
  6. Begonia
  7. Mandevillea
  8. Orchids

Hope our recommendations will help you grow more #GREEN. If there are any other queries related to house plant, gardening services and gardener subscription please drop a mail in or call/whatsapp us @ 9706291479.

 Let’s Plant Oxygen!


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