Difference and Connections between Landscaping Architects and OXY3

So, you need to design a GARDEN
with lawn, natural grass, seasonal plants etc. etc.  And end up typing “LANDSCAPING ARCHITECT NEAR ME” in Google search, looking for a
reputed and experienced Landscaping Architect or trying to remember some
contacts that can provide a solution.

But, is it the solution ?

No, the problem actually starts

Although we search for
landscaping architect near me in Google but go for “Architect only”.
The fault is not ours actually; we live in a Country where Savings is always a trend. Our auto-generated thoughts keep us
saying…why to hire a Landscaper or a Landscaping Architect. “Let our
Construction Architect do it for us.”

It’s like – One having headache asking a Cardiologist to
find a solution..

We don’t say that the Architects
are not capable to design; obviously they will try to provide you with some
solution like the Cardiologist would have suggested/recommended “Disperin” for
your Headache.

We @ OXY3PLANTS just want to
introduce us as the gap between the designing and plantation. Most Architects
and landscaping Architects are asked to design the plantation part too, but do
they know about Plants ? – It is extremely not to criticize or question their
skills and Job. It is just that “PLANTATION
is not their Job

 So, are you hiring someone who knows about
Plants ? If not, you should surely search for “OXY3PLANTS.com” or “Landscaping
Architect near me” and select OXY3 in Google next time whenever Plantation is a
problem in Jaipur. It is not because someone has tagged us as the best but we
know that our team is good with their job and our reviews are our awards.

We have been working on plants
since last 2 years in Jaipur city to provide with the best quality plants and
the best service in Jaipur. We know what type of plants survive in the
condition given to us with plant according to the design provided by your
Architect or Ours.

Some of our Services we provide
with a smile: 

  • Balcony Gardening
  • Home delivery of Plants
  • Terrace Gardening
  • Lawn/garden management
  • Landscaping
  • Experienced gardener on Subscription
  • Vertical Wall/live Wall
  • Designing and much more…

If we have missed any, you can
surely contact us with your queries @ 9706291479 through call and whatsapp. We are also available in Facebook and Instagram

We are also coming up with some
BALCONY MODELS that will be designed with some auto Watering and Fertilizing
System to provide you with a green space and fresh Air. Stay tuned for your
favourite Balcony !

Do share your valuable views on
our work and try to share some OXYGEN by planting some Green because the World
seriously needs us to think for its future. Let’s Plant OXYGEN TOGETHER !

And don’t be confused with the
question now “Whom to hire?”

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