SUMMER PLANTS that are Drought Tolerant !

– So which plants do WELL in Summer ?

Firstly, we thank all the nature lovers and our well-wishers for their Love & Support towards OXY3 and team. We have been doing our best with the help of yours and we are grateful that you provided us with the opportunity to serve and plant more Green.

It’s not just the love for the plants but also the situation and environment filled with unwanted #POLLUTANTS that demands some plants in your home.

After going through many queries and questions we have come up with some hardy plants that will do well in SUMMER too. Also, it is not only about air-purifying plants as every plant has the capacity to purify air and stop pollutants. So, we suggest you some:

  1. Gurhal/Hibiscus

2. Sada Bahar/vinca rosea

3. Jade Plant

4. Lolina Palm

5. Fern

6. Snake Plant

7. Rapis Palm

8. Bouganvillea

9. Portucala/9’o Clock

10. Lantana

11. Verbana

12. Oleander/Kander

13. Boat lily

14. Sage

15. Adenium

16. Tecoma

17. Lavendar

18. Exora

19. Euphorvia

20. Cactus

21. Boxwood Plant.

22. Black Ficus

23. Black Ficus

24. Farkeria

25. Batatas plant

26. Morpankh

27. Gardenia

28. Raat Rani

29. Madhumalti

30. Madhukamini

They are the plants which can fight drought to another level compared to others. Hope it will help you to plant more green. I

We have suggested according to the climate of Jaipur and almost all the plants are available with us or can be purchased from your nearest Local Nurseries.

For any other queries and assistance please visit our website – or Call/Whatsapp us @ 9706291479

We currently serve PAN Jaipur with our experienced gardeners. Some of our Services are:

  • Balcony/terrace Gardening
  • Balcony Model with Automatic Watering System
  • Landscaping
  • Gardener on Subscription
  • Vertical Garden
  • Organic Gardening
  • Home Delivery of Plants and much more.


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  1. Cp kavdia. says:

    Thanks for sending useful information regarding plants names and photos.kindly updates rainy and winter seasonal plants.

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