Tough Indoor Plants


Yes ! Life is changing at a fast pace. These days we need air purifying plants at home to keep ourselves safe.


There are two options to know what plant does and why it is almost compulsory to have some plants at your home.

1st –  Check NASA’s report here :

2nd –  Keep a plant in your room for a week and check the leaves, It will be dusty!

Now, why that’s so…

In simple words, there’s not much scarcity of Oxygen or excess of Carbon Di-Oxide. It is the micro-pollutants that are mixed in the air which are shortening your life. Actually we are running out of Clean Oxygen. Poisonous gases from over populated vehicles, large number of industries, and trash in open are added to strengthen the Bad air Quality which shortens your life up to Five to Ten years according to various studies. Problem is severe in case of Children’s under the age of 9(Nine) as their lungs are not strong enough like yours to handle the Pollutants.

And if, We are think that this is all about “Delhi” than the picture attached below will state “Delhi avi dur nahin” !

In case, you have been planting for long but not getting good results because of wrong selection of plants or excess fluoride in water, here are some tips and Plants name that are tough to fight both fluoride and pollutants. They will help.

  1. Sansevieria Plant/Snake Plant:


2. Lolina Palm:


  3. Bamboo Palm/Chamaedorea elegans:

4. ZZ/Zanzibar Gem:


5. Rubber Plant:

6. Rapis palm:

  7. Dieffenbachia:

  8. Croton:

Tips: Change the soil of the pots time to time, at least 50% from top in 6 months. Use more fertilizers if RO treated water are used. Clean the leaves with wet clothes once a week.

You can also apply our Eco-friendly polymer as you need not water the plants for 4-5 days if mixed with the soil in pots. So, it will save the plants from continuous feeding of fluoride in water.

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