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Ever wondered, WHO is responsible for the different types of Pollutions we point out in Debates, Social talks, Political talks, Exams?

The answer may not Shock you as our inner humanity says… “I too have contributed some”. We have been contributing without even knowing and then point out our neighbours generally. They do the same.

We have been turning our face whenever we see wastage dumped in the footpaths by covering our nose with a scented handkerchief. Will, that Solve the problem?

Yes, the answer is NO!

We often ask Government what they are doing to control pollution. But ever asked the inner YOU? Is Government alone responsible for the results of our good deeds?

It’s Time for Change and Action. If we have contributed to the increasing Pollution, We can also contribute to creating a better World for our coming Generation. We want Delhi to Overcome fast and don’t every City to convert into a place full of pollution.

The Pink City has the power to change. They have the power of Unity.



1. PLANT TREES AND HOME PLANTS: Even the almighty have created them to produce oxygen and not machines. Using machines might generate more Pollution.

2. CHANGE THE HARMFUL HABITS (RECYCLE): Dumping the plastics and waste products won’t help to tackle pollution rather it will increase. Try to recycle the wastes and make it re-usable.

3. GIFT OXYGEN: Rather gifting Plastic or a bottle of branded wine, start gifting plants. It can be gifted in any occasion and surely last long as a memory.

4. USE ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY PRODUCTS: Use Organic products and products made from natural wastes. It will help them to recycle themselves by fulfilling your necessity at the same time.

5. USE CLEAN AND GREEN ENERGY: If your workplace is just a few kilometres away, take the help of a bicycle. It doesn’t harm the environment and helps you to stay fit.

There are many other ways to tackle pollution by your own. You can find the best for you in no time because IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY!


Gift a plant to your dear ones. They too need Oxygen.

Happy Oxygen!


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